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Expert Global Solutions, Inc. is rated overall in the top 79 percentile (out of 100) based on 1,621 customer complaints.


Complaints Currently In-Progress7
Complaints per $100K of Deposits
Complaints Resolved in a Timely Manner99.9%
Resolutions Disputed by Customer9.1%
Average Time Until Resolution26 days

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Owner CorporationNot Listed
EstablishedNot Listed
FDIC InsuredNot Insured
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Number of BranchesUnknown
Total AssetsUnknown
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Total EquityUnknown
Quartarly Net IncomeUnknown

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Grade Summary

Overall, Expert Global Solutions, Inc. received a grade of "B" based on how quickly the company responded to complaints, how often customers disputed their final resolution, and how many complaints were recieved per customer.

Grades are also broken down by the financial products offered be each institution. Expert Global Solutions, Inc. is rated "B+" in Debt Collection, "B" in Credit Reporting, "B" in Credit Cards, and "B-" in Consumer Loans. Click on any of the financial products to see how Expert Global Solutions, Inc. compares.


Expert Global Solutions, Inc. has received 1,621 consumer complaints since January, 2013 – more than 99% of other banks.

Of those complaints, 99.9% of complaints were resolved in a timely manner. The CFPB allows 60 days to resolve complaints before considering them 'untimely.' Expert Global Solutions, Inc. meets the 60-day response deadline more frequently than 61.7% of other banks.

After companies respond to complaints, customers may dispute the response indicating that the issue was not resolved adequately. 9.1% of customers dispute Expert Global Solutions, Inc.'s response to complaints — better than 87.3% of other companies.

Most of Expert Global Solutions, Inc.'s customers complain about debt collections with the primary issue being "cont'd attempts collect debt not owed."

Complaints by Product
Complaints by State
Complaints Against Expert Global Solutions, Inc.
#Financial ProductSub-ProductComplaint IssueComplaint Count
1Debt collectionCont'd attempts collect debt not owed151
2Debt collectionOther (phone, health club, etc.)Cont'd attempts collect debt not owed142
3Debt collectionMedicalCont'd attempts collect debt not owed109
4Debt collectionMedicalCont'd attempts collect debt not owed109
5Debt collectionOther (phone, health club, etc.)Cont'd attempts collect debt not owed92
6Debt collectionCommunication tactics55
7Debt collectionOther (phone, health club, etc.)Disclosure verification of debt55
8Student loanNon-federal student loanCan't repay my loan51
9Debt collectionMedicalDisclosure verification of debt46
10Student loanNon-federal student loanProblems when you are unable to pay38
Responses From Expert Global Solutions, Inc.
#Company ResponseResponse CountTimely Response CountDisputed Count
1Closed with explanation1,6591,657 (99.9%)152 (9.2%)
2In progress66 (100%)0 (0%)
3Closed with monetary relief44 (100%)0 (0%)
4Closed with non-monetary relief11 (100%)0 (0%)
Complaints over the Past Year