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Select Portfolio Servicing, Inc. — Overview
Select Portfolio Servicing, Inc. is rated overall in the top 59th percentile based on 7,272 customer complaints.


Number of Complaints7,272 (0 In Progress)
Complaints per $100K of Deposits
Complaints Resolved in a Timely Manner99.5%
Resolutions Disputed by Customer4.1%
Complaints Resolved in Customer's Favor100.0%

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Select Portfolio Servicing, Inc. — Summary

Select Portfolio Servicing, Inc. is ranked 169th out of 3,688 banks. That puts Select Portfolio in the top 59th percentile and gives them an overall grade of "C+". This ranking is based upon customer complaints to the Consumer Finance Protection Bureau (CFPB) and public data about FDIC insured financial institutions. There are 7,272 complaints against Select Portfolio and 1,058,614 complaints total.

Of the 7,272 complaints again Select Portfolio, there have been 547 in the passed 18 months. Of those 547 complaints, 100.0% have been resolved in the customers favor, 4.1% have been disputed by the customer, and 99.5% have been resolved in a timely manner. The CFPB allows 60 days to resolve complaints before considering them "untimely".

The statistics and figures above are averaged and ranked. We then compute teach bank's overall percentile based upon these scores. Learn more details about our ranking methodology.

Break-down by Financial Product

Grades are also broken down by financial products offered by each institution. Select Portfolio Servicing, Inc. is graded in 3 categories of financial products they offer. The top 3 categories are Mortgage, Debt Collection and Credit Reporting.

Select Portfolio Servicing, Inc. is rated "A-" in Mortgage; "C" in Debt Collection; and "A" in Credit Reporting.

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Most Recent Complaints

Below is the list of the top 10 complaint reasons against Select Portfolio Servicing, Inc.. Click here to see all complaints against Select Portfolio.

# Product Sub-Product Issue Count
1 Mortgage Conventional home mortgage Struggling to pay mortgage 219
2 Mortgage Conventional home mortgage Trouble during payment process 120
3 Mortgage Other type of mortgage Struggling to pay mortgage 53
4 Mortgage Other type of mortgage Trouble during payment process 45
5 Mortgage FHA mortgage Struggling to pay mortgage 15
6 Credit reporting Credit reporting Incorrect information on your report 12
7 Debt collection Mortgage debt Written notification about debt 12
8 Mortgage Conventional home mortgage Applying for a mortgage or refinancing an existing mortgage 11
9 Debt collection Mortgage debt Took or threatened to take negative or legal action 10
10 Debt collection Mortgage debt Attempts to collect debt not owed 10
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Complaints by Product
Complaints Over Time - By Year
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